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Traveling Vietnam Historical Museum and Memorial



The Traveling Vietnam Historical Museum and Memorial promotes an understanding of the Vietnam-era while honoring and remembering those who served and died and those who are still prisoners of war and missing in action (POW/MIA).


The Museum contains Vietnam-era artifacts, including military equipment, clothing, personal effects, souvenirs, memorabilia, artworks, manuscripts, training manuals, books, photographs, military documents, maps and other items. With the mobility of the Museum, we can attend many military events and provide veterans, their families and friends, a deeper understanding of this long, bitter and misunderstood era, while providing personal, cultural and historical insight into the Vietnam era.

The Museum provides benefits and/or compensation information and referrals related to military service. Brings awareness of Agent Orange exposure information to Veterans and their families. Generations are being affected by Agent Orange.

The Memorial is dedicated to Honor

...the service members - for the sacrifices that were made by those who served and died

...those who are still POW/MIA - their ordeal is not over

...those who came home believing that their dedicated services were over, only to endure illnesses, and in some cases, early death as a direct result of Agent Orange related cancers, diabetes, other diseases and the debilitating effects of Post Tramautric Stress Disorder (PTSD).